PowerShell Hack – Finding VMs with missing VHDs

I am constantly creating virtual machines, fiddling with them for a bit and then forgetting about them. After a while I end up with a bunch of virtual machines listed in Hyper-V Manager where I have manually deleted or moved the files for half of them.

It can be a real pain to go through and clean this up. Luckily, PowerShell comes to the rescue here! With a simple PowerShell snippet I can list all the virtual machines on my system – and see which ones no longer have virtual hard disk files. I can then easily delete those virtual machines.

This snippet:

get-vm | Get-VMHardDiskDrive | %{write-host $_.VMName.PadRight(40) ":: VHD Exists :: "-NoNewline; Test-Path $_.Path}
  • Gets all virtual machines on the system
  • Gets the virtual hard disks on each virtual machine
  • Runs Test-Path on each virtual hard disk
  • Formats the results

The output on my computer is like this:


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